The Secret to Solving Tenant Headaches Quickly with Landlord Heaven

The Secret to Solving Tenant Headaches Quickly with Landlord Heaven

Tenant management is the most delicate of the many moving pieces in property management since it involves people. Experiences with tenants over the years have left different tastes in the mouths of landlords, sometimes not so pleasant. For instance, Mr. Gbenga, a landlord in Anthony, Lagos, described how his tenants connived to delay rent payment by three months. They took that action as a result of his complaint about the amount of squatters, which was against the terms of the rental agreement. Mrs. Roseline’s sibling revealed how she had succumbed to a heart condition after using up all of her resources on treatment and needed to consolidate her rent, which wasn’t paid until after she passed away.

Some landlord-tenant disputes are addressed with dialogues, while others require court rulings. Landlords stand to lose the most when the court is involved – delayed rent, cost of legal counsel, etc. The best strategy for lowering such tenant troubles is prevention. Most landlords currently rely on word-of-mouth and background checks carried out by agents and sometimes lawyers which lack standard processes. Before renting out your home, start by thoroughly screening and verifying potential tenants.

How Landlord Heaven Handles Tenant Verification

We have a technology-enabled screening process that thoroughly assesses potential tenant profiles based on established criteria. Our tenant vetting process evaluates the quality of tenants based on their financial standing, employment details, rental history, references, civil and criminal checks, etc. Tenants with the highest rating are usually granted tenancy on the apartments.

Our tenant verification process has helped our landlord clients across Lagos avoid problematic tenants. One of our Landlords, Mr Chukwudi in Festac avoided renting out a three bedroom flat to an individual who claimed employment in a bank but instead was unemployed and involved in fraudulent activities. Our verification system spotted this and helped prevent uncertainties around rent payment as well as future disputes. 

Mr. Tochukwu’s first time in jail was as a result of a tenant who was producing Meth in his flat. He has since taken precaution before renting his properties and now works with us in carrying out elaborate background checks and screening on his potential tenants. 

As a landlord, not everyone who is in search of a house should be your tenant. Let us work together to avoid future landlord-tenant problems and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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